Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Another Slow Day.

Today was a intresting day:

after hearing scoob talk last night, i had a new urgency to go tell people about Seek. today i invited 3 people to my youth ministry on Wednesday. Only one is positive they can come. I'm starting to feel a need to let every highschool feel loved. it's not easy, but there are so many people that need to see that they are. Scoob really inspired me last night, thanks.

i saw a girl sitting by her self today, crying. i approached her, and she didn't need someone to talk to. I could see that she needed God to talk to though. My heart cries out for these kids i see in school, so depressed & lonely. Recently, ive been having alot go through my mind. College is almost here, literally. We have to decide what we want to look into, well, atleast i do. i like to have plans & goals. So today basically sucked.

My car wouldn't start this morning.

Couldn't meet scoob.

Got a B on a assignment that deserved an A.

Couldn't go to leaders club.

and got called into Work.
Today just was a plain bummer. Now i have three tests to study for. I should be thankful though and positive.

Ellory showed me a cool verse. Matthew 5:42. Really makes me feel selfish,sometimes. Yet out God is forgiving and gives us Grace.

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