Thursday, January 14, 2010


Dance is your heart, your pulse, your heartbeat. It can represent rhytm in your life. It's an expression in time, movement, happiness joy and envy.

I love it, i love just giving all you have to God. Its's so great going back once a week to just dance freely. I went to richmond ballet tonight and took another amazing class with heather. It was stressful though, because he kept correcting me. But it's good, it will only help me. I love how dance is not about the moves, it about the passion. The emotion and the feelings, once they all build up, they just come out. It's such a beautiful piece of art that can be expressed in so many different ways.

I was thinking about what dance means and i see the word Guidance. God's will is alot like dancing.When two people try to lead, nothing feels right. The movements don't flow with the music, and everything is uncomfortable and tricky.When one person lets go a little, everything starts to flow and one person can give gentle cues.It's like two bodies become one. I feel like that's how we should picture dance. Dancing with God as our partner.Guidance. God, you and i dance. I want to let God lead my life and my prayers is that God will fully lead everyone's life.

I found some really cool pictures here, that make me Miss dance.

I love how this one looks, It's so unique and graceful.
Beauty enters the room here. I'm going to go listen to some music.

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