Saturday, January 16, 2010

This life.

The weekend is here. Let's get a lot done, right?I'm with Kelly sitting in her bed, she's taking a shower and I'm just thinking of life.
How it was to How it is now. Who I was, to who I am now.
It's a drastic change but partially I'm glad. Life seems to be changing very fast. It starts with mentally. I feel the older we get, the more responsibility's are on us. We have education we need to get far in, we have a job we need to start finding, we have college and we have a future we need to start praying hard about. Friend's come and go through these years. We have ton's of memories that we laugh about and cry about. One thing about growing up i like, is it's a step closer to me fulfilling my dreams. I have a few right now.
  • Go to Uganda and teach education.
  • Work with invisible Children.
  • Climb a mountain. not just any mountain. a large,beautiful one in the middle of no where.
  • Travel the world.
  • My mom be at my wedding.
  • Get the high schooler's at my school to see they deserve Love and come to Jesus.
Dreams aren't impossible. Goals help motivate you and keep you going. If we didn't have goals, we'd be lazy. I think everyone should have a few Goals, even if it is one. It's fun reaching your goal, it builds self confidence and determination. I was talking to one of my close friends, yesterday and they got my attention.
What does God want us to be doing no matter what? And i fully believe he wants us to lead others to him. To try and show people Christ! I never really thought of it that simple. I was worried a lot about the End Times and when Jesus was coming back a lot. But yes, I'm excited for that but my focus shouldn't be there I believe. Now, I want to do everything I can to focus on others. Whats more important? Me thinking about the numbers of when this world will end? Showing others about this Jesus Dude?!

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