Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Old Thursday.

So today i didn't get alot done, but im going to tell myself tha'ts okay. I spent too much money on a snowboard, but i'll show you what it looks like.I'm excited to go snowboarding the next three mondays. Overall, im stoked. I went to school, it was long. Took a quiz, failed. and then got back my D Chemistry Test. Oh goodness. Gotta love it. Tommrow i hope we go see Avatar. It seems like fun! I Have alot of homework, that's why i havent had time to post many blogs.

Youth group, was great wednesday. Glad Roberto and Rachel came at the end and stopped by. Sarah pena, it was her first time. :) So stoked she is becoming a youth leader. We meet a new girl that night and she seems reallly chill.

Ramen Was very good for dinner tonight.
I'm gonna miss Rachel and Roberto. They were such great role models and I'm pratically a sister to their daughter. I know that the Lord is working in their lives very much and has great Plans for them in Brazil. I love you guys!

Well, i went to get some help with BJ today, he helped on with learning how to read music. It was wonderful to see Cara and Bj. Their wonderful. Hopefully audtions wont be too stressful. :))

Ah, exams are almost here, i better get to studying. I love that school is almost half way over. It's gone by too fast! Thankfully though! I'll post something intresting in a little.

Just a little of what described my thursday.

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